Is Ellsi

A next generation assistant built with
research in philosophy, science, and
technology towards empathetic experiences.

Ideated on June 23rd, 2012, we began with
user research studying the effect technology
and notifications has on millennials.

Around the same time, we began studying
consciousness, purpose, and meaning
from theistic, atheistic, and non-theistic perspectives.

It was from this & further research
in AI, neuroscience, ethics, and
evolutionary biology that we began writing
on our understanding of these questions,
our own refutation of Searle's Chinese Room,
and developing our theories in software.

All together, we learned from how consciousness
developed and how it exists and sought to build
an assistant featuring these technologies that strives
to fulfill its purpose of serving you.

We Are

We’re Willomy, a company dedicated
to human-centered design and
development above all.

We know that through our investments
in empathy and details, we will create
better products that serve as solutions.

We’re dedicated to accessibility, usability,
and human-centerd design, an all around
commitment to all of the humans invovled.

We’re also producing some other products
from following our techniques for innovation
developed while prototyping Ellsi.

Interested in joining us? Apply here.

Next Steps

Imagine If Ellsi...an infinite world
of positive possibility awaits with
technology that serves you.
Designed to deliver and make
intelligent connections with empathy.

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